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Manitoba Developmental Centre (MDC) lawsuit update

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$600 SUPPORT HELD UP IN PARLIAMENT - passed July 2020

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Direct Support Workers #EssentialToUs

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MAiD presentation - People First of Canada

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MAID Presentation DRAFT Facebook live

January 30, 2020

Good morning everybody.

Thank you for inviting us here to speak on this very important issue. My name is Kory Earle, and I am the President of People First of Canada. People First of Canada is the national voice of people labelled with an intellectual disability.

The world of intellectual disability is a difficult place. There is a basic struggle to be included in ways that many people outside of our world can’t even begin to understand. Nothing is easy.

Along with that, most people outside the world of intellectual disability – and disability in general – all think we are ‘suffering.’

But people with intellectual disabilities are not ‘suffering’ from having an intellectual disability. People with Down syndrome, or fetal alcohol syndrome disorder, or autism or any other kind of intellectual disability will not usually die from it.

Like everybody else in our country, we usually die from cancers and diseases and accidents.

What we do ‘suffer’ from is high rates of poverty. We are also suffering from extremely low rates of employment. Unfortunately, many of us suffer from violence and abuse more than most other groups in society.

Many of us suffer from poor health care. We are not often treated well in the health care system. We are not given enough time and information in plain language.

Often, we are unable to get the right supports for our mental health needs because we have an intellectual disability. Our mental health and our disability become mixed up.

And many of us suffer from being excluded and isolated. We weren’t included in school, or after school. We don’t have jobs. We don’t have money to go out and do things.

If the MAID laws are opened up so that this ‘suffering’ helps us to qualify for medical assistance in dying, it will make it ‘easier’ for us to die using this process.

If it wasn’t so sad, it would almost be funny. And I will tell you why.

Like I said, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is more difficult for people with intellectual disabilities. Many, many other things should be made easier. This is not one of them.

But I can tell you what SHOULD be made easier for people with intellectual disabilities.

· It should be easier for us to live in the community. We need access to safe and affordable housing. We should not be homeless, but many of us are. We should not live in fear of being put in an institution, but many of us do.

· It should be easier for us to get a good education. Most people with intellectual disabilities, myself included, have not had good educations. Some have had no education. We need inclusive classrooms and schools and policies.

· It should be easier for us to get a decent paying job. So we don’t have to live in poverty. People with intellectual disabilities have a very low rate of employment. We need more inclusive employers and businesses.

· It should be easier for us to be included and to have friends and be part of our communities. But we are often left out and many of us have few friends, if any. We need disability supports that allow us to have a social life of some kind and be included. We need better rates of assistance.

· It should be easier to get help when we are being abused or harmed. We are assaulted and abused more than most groups in society. And when we look for help, we are often not believed. Our cases are often thrown out of court because our words are not credible. We need a justice system that will accommodate our disability with extra time and plain language.

· It should be easier for us to exercise our legal capacity. We can make our own decisions and choices. It will look different for every one of us. Just like it is different for all of you. With the right supports, we can make our own decisions. But people continually judge us as not being able to run our own lives. They question our right to make our own decisions. They see our disability and THEY decide we can’t.

There are a lot of things that can and should be made easier for people with intellectual disabilities in our country and our society. But making it easier to use the MAiD laws to end our lives is not one of them.

Thank you.


POSTPONED 2020 Family Gathering

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Board of Directors Needed

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DMV Leaders Debate

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Listen to the debate - starts at about 18 minutes into this video link below . . .


#DMV - Know the Issues

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