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Right to Live in the Community Transition of the Manitoba Developmental Centre

In September 2006, CLMB filed a formal complaint with the Manitoba Human Rights Commission which stated that the Department of Families (Provincial Government) and the Public Trustee had systematically discriminated against persons living at the Manitoba Developmental Centre on the basis of age and disability.

In November 2009 the Commission affirmed that these organizations failed to provide a coordinated effort to plan for the transitions of MDC residents to the community and create community placement resources. CLMB continues to work towards the transition of all remaining residents and the closure of MDC by 2021.

The Future of the VPA: Recommended Amendments to the Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act

Building on a review of The Vulnerable Persons Living with a Mental Disability Act, completed by the Public Interest Law Centre for CLMB in 2018, CLMB hosted The Vulnerable Person Act Think Tank in 2019. The attendees met to discuss possible solutions to shortcomings in the Act and its administration, and develop recommendations for changes. A formal submission of the resulting report was submitted to government and conversations continue.

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

CLMB supports the efforts of the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL) in its efforts to guard against the impact that expanded access to MAiD would have for the equality, dignity and inclusion of people with intellectual and other disabilities.

"We face the very real prospect in Canada of intellectual disability becoming a justifiable reason to terminate a persononos life under the system for medical assistance in dying (MAiD). Families are already reporting pressure from health professionals to have family members with more significant intellectual and other disabilities apply for MAiD." CACL

Supported Decision Making Pilot Project - NEW

CLMB in partnership with the Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society (IRIS) has joined Newfoundland & Labrador and Ontario in the national Supported Decision Making Pilot Projects. Article 12 of the UNCRPD is the foundation of this work and reflects the international law that you cannot discriminate on the basis of a disability. This community based pilot project works on identifying issues that create barriers people with intellectual and other disabilities face in having equal right to legal capacity and the right to have control in their lives. As part of the pilot, we will consult with community leadership in disability supports, health care and hospitals, banks, businesses, police and the justice system, and government services.

The pilots will initially take place in Winnipeg and expand over time to other communities in the province. As well as facilitating decision-making assistance for pilot participants, the project will also increase awareness about decision making for the public through sharing lessons learned, and the project evaluation.

People First of Manitoba

Community Living Manitoba has been providing funding support to People First of Manitoba for the past four years. People First is a self-advocate run organization that stands up for the rights of people labelled with an intellectual disability.

Advocacy - NEW

Through a partnership with Inclusion Winnipeg, CLMB is now providing individualized advocacy to adults who have intellectual disabilities, and to families of children who have intellectual or developmental disabilities outside of Winnipeg. You can now call our office and a referral will be made to the right person to assist you with resolving problems.


Family Gathering

The Family Gathering (FG) grew out of a recognition of the importance for families to play a role in advancing inclusion in Manitoba and goals of re-vitalization and family-based leadership through engagement, breaking down isolation, and creating a vital community of parent/family member leadership in Manitoba. Through a grant from Federal Government, CLMB has been able to fund three Family Gatherings, in partnership with Innovative LIFE Options, Continuity Care, and Inclusion Winnipeg.

The 4th Family Gathering will be held April 17th and 18th, 2020, in Winnipeg (postponed due to COVID-19). It will again be rooted in the experience of parents/family members with two days of workshops organized around creating spaces that break down isolation and create solidarity. There will be sessions on creating a vision for the future of your child/family member as included citizen, the role of relationships in ensuring and safeguarding a positive future, and becoming an effective advocate.

Family Advocacy Network of Manitoba (FAN)

CLMB helps to fund the Family Advocacy Network of Manitoba (FAN), a group of family members and support network members/friends of both children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, some of whom may have a physical disability. FAN advocates to government officials for systemic change and imparts awareness of the ongoing struggles and needs experienced by Manitoba families.

Families who contact FAN are provided peer support. They are informed of valuable resources and information and referred to disability specific organizations. FAN is continuing to reach out and grow their membership, particularly in rural Manitoba.

Linking to the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL)

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